Process of WebVragen B.V.

We find it of utmost importance to involve you in every step of the process. After all, you will be using the system after the release. Only when you are content with the results, we will be too. We achieve that by going through the following steps during every project:

1. Orientation


We will engage in a conversation concerning your problem. During this session we will assess the current situation, the problems that are faced with and what the final solution might be. Apart from that, we are curious why you would consider one solution the best. By asking you questions concerning our assessment, we will get a better understanding of what exactly the problem comprises. With the use of that information we can set up a tailored advice in order to prevent miscommunication and discontent during and after the process.

2. Sketching

After the orientation, sketches will be made with the purpose of showing what will be made and in what way it will resolve the problem. During this part of the process all sorts of adaptations can be made and it is possible to judge yourself whether the problem will actually be solved in this way. This stadium of the process enables you to ponder on the provisional idea. This will eventually enlarge the chance of a satisfied outcome at the end of the process.

3. Designing

When the sketching is done and the provisional idea has been given approval of, we will continue our work with designing. From here on large adjustments cannot be instituted anymore. However, slight changes like the place of a link and the background colour are of course still possible. During the design process, the lay-out of the system will be formed. This results in immediate ability of having a glance at what the system will look like. Furthermore it can be checked if all set criteria are met by this. After you have approved the lay-out, we will go on with the next step.

4. Developing


The sketches and lay-out are ready by now. From here on we, WebVragen, will start to turn the static pages, made during the design process, into dynamic ones. During this step the back-end of the system will be made. With back-end we mean the processing of inserted data and the fetching and display of correct data from the database. During this step the application is actually being developed.

5. Testing

From the moment that the whole application is developed, we will let you test the system. In doing so, you will have the opportunity of getting to know the system, locate small bugs and come up with possible improvements. From that we can solve these immediately.

6. Launching

After the application has been tested and given approval of, we will put it online. From then on, the system is available for the usage it was developed for.

7. Feedback


Several weeks after the application has been launched we, Webvragen, will have a consult with you. During this conversation questions will be asked concerning the system and whether it has solved the problems. On top of that we would like to know if new problems have risen. If the consultation leads to the system not having solved the problem fully, we will recommend going through the whole process again so as to solve the slightest problems as well. This is done as to prevent the system from not being used.